Construction of a hen house in Mbare Rwanda

With VIS Foundation 

The project takes place in the residential center “Cité des Jeunes de Nazareth”.

Currently, the center houses 841 children, including abandoned and/or sick children from vulnerable families. Our resources have been destined to build a chicken coop and to take care of the hens, therefore including eggs as basic nutrition and improving the diet of these children.

Contribution: 4.100€ + 2nd Phase 2020: 3.000€

Construction of a school in Medina Sadio Senegal

With Guné Foundation

We continue to support schooling in rural populations. This year we have started the construction of a school in the village of Medina Sadio, a town located in the savannah surrounded by pasture areas and without a road network that favours the commute of the population towards health or educational institutions.

The school has an attendance of 60 children between the ages of 6 and 10.

Contribution: 5.000€ + 2nd Phase 2020: 4.995€

Nutrition Unit at Hospital Center Chad

With Recover Foundation 

We continue to collaborate with Recover Foundation on this third project together in Africa. The creation of the nutrition unit at the Hospital Center “Le Bon Samaritain” allows the detection and treatment of cases of child malnutrition together with the specific training of health workers.

This Hospital Center will benefit approximately 6.000 children every year.

Contribution: 13.600€

Expansion of the Inclusive School in Moze Zambia

With ONGD Juan Ciudad

This year we have begun the expansion of the inclusive school in Monze, which will consist of 12 fully equipped classes. The project aims to improve children’s quality of life, guaranteeing their right to education, training development and activities within the community.

This plan will benefit 3.320 children between the ages of 5 and 12, of which 2.576 will have different capabilities.

Contribution: 6.000€ + 2nd Phase 2020: 4.000€