Support to refugee and migrant children in Greece

With Save the Children

Save the Children has distributed, with our contribution, vital supplies to cover the needs of 450 children and 530 pregnant women in 6 refugee camps in northern Greece. These families are fleeing war and extreme poverty.

Colaboration: 8.000€

A new health center in Nepal

With Okume AZ Foundation and TFWA

Managed by the Okume AZ Foundation and in collaboration with TFWA, this project aims to refurbish a dispensary in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The aid is intended for children from an orphanage and elderly people sheltered in the same building after the earthquake. This dispensary will also serve some 1,200 people without resources in the area and there will be primary care, controls, and visits with specialists in the sector. In addition to the professionals hired locally, some Spanish volunteer doctors will travel to Nepal on a regular basis to support the population and attend to the most complicated cases.

Colaboration: 15.000€