SPAIN 2017

Donation for the Food Distribution Centre

With the Red Cross and the Castelldefels Local Council

The social entities of Castelldefels (Cruz Roja, Caritas, Iglesia Evangélica and Ajut Social del Garraf) have come together, with the support of the City Council, to face the extreme situation of families as a result of the economic crisis. This initiative generates a better global management of the resources and efforts offered by each entity.

The first result is the Food Distribution Center project that will open its doors in autumn 2017. It is a social food distribution service managed like a supermarket, where beneficiaries and families can go, find a predetermined amount of food and choose, according to a point system, the products that suit better to their needs and organization of daily meals.

Colaboration: 5.000€

Collaboration with the program #Invulnerables

With Foundations Rosa Oriol, FBC and La Caixa

The Rosa Oriol Foundation, the FC Barcelona Foundation, the Obra Social la Caixa and the Generalitat, have created a program to fight poverty aimed at children whose families live in conditions of maximum vulnerability.

The program is responsible for covering basic needs, such as offering accompaniment and comprehensive support to the family, as well as guidance to parents. It is deployed in seven areas according to the territorial balance and based on the results of the indicators of poverty and social exclusion.

Colaboration: 5.500€

Support for the #MenjarsalInsti youth programme

With the Red Cross Baix Llobregat

When children start ESO, they lose the right to a grant-lunch from the State. In many cases, the young people’s families still need this help for their daily meals. Cruz Roja detects risky situations and facilitates access to a meal inside and outside the Institute.

The Foundation supports the “Menjars al Insti” project in Gavà, in collaboration with Bankia within the framework of its Red Solidaria program.

Colaboration: 4.500€