SPAIN 2020

Equine therapy program for children with autism in Catalonia

With ISTEA Association

The impact of confinement on children with autism has directly affected most cases. Many of the families with young people affected by this type of disorder are in a precarious situation and without resources to be able to offer them special education. The experience of facing a highly “open” diagnosis presents the need to require great involvement from various contexts, including at home, school, therapeutic, medical and social levels.

This year we have decided to cooperate in a special project with ISTEA Association, created and endorsed by a group of ASD specialist psychologists who work voluntarily with them. Our work consists of granting and satisfying the demand of families and individuals with ASD, as well as promoting knowledge, participation, support and social integration. With this program, equine therapy sessions will be held for vulnerable children suffering from an autism spectrum disorder.

This project provides 30 children between the ages of 4 and 18 with tools that allow them to have a positive development during the school year.

Contribution: 2.400€ + 2nd Phase 2021: 4.800€

Social care for children at risk of social exclusion, children of single-mother families

With Teresa Gallifa Foundation

The Nuria García Foundation has decided to collaborate with the Teresa Gallifa Foundation to cover the basic needs of children from single-mother families, who are in a situation of extreme vulnerability. We want to promote the social inclusion of these mothers or pregnant women so that they have the necessary support through a resource bank at their disposal.

Many of the mothers who come to the Centre for Attention to Maternal Single Parent Families have lost their jobs and are living in sheltered flats. Given this reality, care and help through donations of basic necessities such as food, personal hygiene products and clothing for 50 children from single-mother families is more necessary than ever.

Contribution: 3.000€

Pediatric stroke. Physiotherapy and pedagogy for minors with a high degree of vulnerability

With Ictus Foundation

Spain detects 120 cases of stroke in minors each year, making it one of the top ten causes of infant mortality.

This year we collaborate with the Ictus Foundation project with the aim of rehabilitating children who have suffered a stroke, making the disease known and promoting their research at Lleida Hospital. By participating in this program, we will help 40 children affected by this disease in the Paediatric Physiotherapy Unit of Lleida, which do not have the financial means to carry out post-hospital treatment.

With the help of physiotherapy and therapeutic neurorehabilitation, fun therapy with virtual reality games, many manage to learn to walk, talk or eat autonomously. To do this, we will provide material for the stroke and physiotherapy unit (psychomotor track, posture wedges, crawler and balance, virtual reality, etc.) which will help reduce the impact of the disease and improve the quality of life of these children.

Contribution: 2.400€ + 2nd Phase 2021: 4.800€