Jordi Seuba from Foundation ANepal (Africa-Nepal) send us this picture of the inauguration of the clinic of Makak. There are still some works to be done but within 2 weeks, it will attend children of teh Makak area and their families.

The project aims to set up of a health center in Makak, situated approximately at 100 Kms from Yaoundé, with 40.000 inhabitants (Makak is the capital of this region and regroups approximately 45 villages). Travelling to the capital from Makak for a doctor visit means taking a train that runs once a day or through the track road.
The health center building has been yielded as contribution to the project.

The Foundation will finance the refurbishing works and the required equipment. New consultation rooms, treatment boxes, childbirth room and a drug cabinet will be built.

On the other hand it will be the center of reference of deworming programs for the children of the area. A group of professionals will be created to run a trimestral program at schools for sensibilization about hygiene and nutrition and, when required, to offer treatments.