Improvements to the Primary School Kakrigu in Kenya

After visiting the Kakrigu Primary School in Mfangano, an island in Lake Victoria in Kenya, the Board has decided to finance infrastructure improvement works to support the education of 350 primary-level children.

Colaboration: 1.750€

To fight against the drought in Ethiopia

With Save the Children

Save The Children alerts us to the emergency situation in this country, in which some communities have not seen rain in more than two years. Currently more than 10 million people need food aid. Data indicates that 400.000 children will suffer from severe malnutrition in 2016.

The Foundation concentrates its help on the purchase of high calorie food for 10.000 children.

Colaboration: 7.000€

To rehabilitate 10 wells in Senegal

With Guné Foundation

The Guné Foundation pays special attention to children in the poorest populations of Senegal. In the Kolda area, 35% of infant mortality is due to diarrhea or intestinal infections caused by bacteria derived from drinking contaminated water. Wells are insufficiently protected, polluted and dangerous. Every year one or two children die by drowning.

The Foundation will finance the construction of safety margins to improve the quality of life of more than 200 families who will be able to enjoy a better level of health.

Colaboration: 7.000€

To take care of the health of children and to train mothers in Gambia

With Nutrición Sin Fronteras Foundation

The Nutrition Sin Fronteras Foundation has been working since 2004 in the Gambia, with a cooperation and co-development program in food security aimed at the mother and child population of Basse and Soma. They treat cases of severe acute malnutrition in their 2 Nutrition Centers, where children who are ill stay with their mother for 15 to 20 days. At the same time, mothers are trained in food safety (gardens and healthy eating habits).

The Foundation supports the treatment of 38 children with severe acute malnutrition by contributing €264 per treatment.

Colaboration: 10.000€

To offer daily food and education to 160 shepherd children of Kenya

With Africa Digna Foundation

The Africa Digna Foundation extends the program of classes and dinner for Kenyan shepherd children to another community, after their daily work in the fields and taking care of livestock.

For the third consecutive year, the Nuria García Foundation finances a year of dinners and classes to allow 110 shepherd children to reach an adequate level of literacy and health.

Colaboration: 6.700€