Nutrition and education of pastoral children in Kenya

With Africa Digna Foundation 

It is the fourth year that we collaborate with the “Lchekuti, shepherd children” program in Kenya together with Africa Digna Foundation. This project promotes a dignified life for children from 6 to 16 years of age by carrying out educational and nutritional interventions of impact in the Samburu communities of Barsaloi, Lodokume, Lowa, Lulu, Mabati, Nairimirimo, Opiroi and Raraiti.

For these communities, located in northern Kenya, herding is their main economic activity. For cultural reasons, Samburu families choose the smartest boy or girl in their family to look after the livestock. Because these shepherd children work all day, they do not have the opportunity to go to school and they feed exclusively on milk and tea. For this reason, they are children who cannot read or write, with a high risk of social exclusion and with a considerable degree of malnutrition.

We have ensured that Kenyan shepherd children have access to two hours of daily education from Monday to Friday, a balanced meal at the end of classes each day and, at the end of each study term, parents will be convened to communicate the results of their children in their studies and offer a meal to all. Our contribution will last for 2 school years, until 2022, in four different centres and will help about 280 children.

Contribution: 3.600€ + 2nd Phase 2021: 7.200€+ 3nd Phase 2022: 3.600€


Construction and equipping of school in Kikaya Uganda

With Babies Uganda Association

At the beginning of 2018 in the Kikaya area, Uganda, children did not have any quality schools and had to get up at 5:30 in the morning to cross the lake to be able to get to their classes on time. For this reason, many of them were not in school and, due to the high poverty rate of the families in the area, Babies Uganda decided to make a school that all children could attend.

Following our 2018 project with Babies Uganda at Kikaya House, our Foundation has funded the construction and furnishing of a new bedroom for 75 children between 5 and 14 years old at Kikaya School. It will allow to clear a new classroom for the use of the smallest children, who are very many, as well as to enable the old room that they used as a bedroom to become a library for all. We want to maintain a quality education, adapting to the needs that students have year after year because of the dramatic reality that thousands of Ugandan children experience who suffer from poverty, abandonment, the death of a parent, or even abuse or illness.

Contribution: 12.060€ + 2nd Phase 2021: 3.273€

Fight against maternal and child malnutrition in Mozambique
With IBO Foundation

Difficulties in accessing food and food insecurity in Mozambique are fundamental factors that hinder local development processes. In April 2019, Cyclone Kenneth struck the coastal area of ​​the Cabo Delgado province, directly affecting the IBO island, Mozambique. Schools, Health Centres and basic infrastructure suffered very serious damage, as were the houses of thousands of people who live on the island. Currently 67,500 children suffer from food insecurity and are exposed to a host of deadly diseases such as malaria or typhus.

This year, part of our aid will go to the IBO Nutritional Support Centre (CANI), with the aim of fighting maternal and child malnutrition and alleviating its causes and consequences for 12 months. We want to contribute to the socio-economic development of IBO and to the improvement of the precarious situation in which its inhabitants find themselves. We will help approximately 300 children under the age of 5 and 200 pregnant women or mothers with nursing children.

Contribution: 3.390€ + 2nd Phase 2021: 3.390€

Fight against malaria in Cameroon

With Recover Foundation

We collaborate once again with Recover Foundation, this year with a malaria prevention and treatment program in Cameroon, which aims to diagnose and treat malaria for children in 8 schools.

According to the World Health Organization, half of the world’s population is at risk of contracting malaria, but Cameroon is above 80% of that probability. The highest at risk of being affected are children and pregnant women, since malaria is a disease that causes a high number of abortions, premature births and high neonatal mortality.

The project will subsidize diagnostic tests, hospitalization costs for severe cases of malaria and treatment for such cases to 970 children in the region, including the distribution of mosquito nets among families in need. Information days will also be given to the parents of the students to improve the prevention of the disease, all during a period of 12 months.

Contribution: 9.014€ + 2nd Phase 2021: 9.014€

School construction in the Soussoutou region
With Guné Foundation

This is the third project that we carry out with Guné Foundation in the construction of schools to improve the education of children living in the Kolda region, Senegal. This year our aid goes to the construction of an educational building with four bathrooms in the Soussoutou region.

In many villages in the Kolda region, schools do not have adequate infrastructure to accommodate children. In many cases they are made of straw and logs, considering that temperatures can exceed 40 degrees in the dry season and there is not enough protection during the rainy season. This situation causes high absenteeism and low school performance.

We will guarantee an equitable and high-quality education, promoting learning opportunities in Senegal. With the construction of the new classroom, 70 children will be able to use the new classroom and the new bathrooms will benefit 200 children.

Contribution: 7.000€ + 2nd Phase 2021: 8.405€

Inclusive school expansion in Monze Zambian

With Juan Ciudad NGDO

Unfortunately, 86% of the Zambian population lives below the poverty line. It is necessary to provide decent levels of health and social well-being to people who live in disadvantaged regions of the world and who lack access to essential services such as education.

The Nuria García Foundation has collaborated since 2019 in the construction of the first inclusive school in Monze, Zambia, together with Juan Ciudad NGDO. The final objective of this project is the adaptation of 12 classes equipped with an inclusive education program, we have already participated in the construction of 1 classroom and a library with capacity for 200 children.

Our new contribution has gone towards the construction of the kitchen and bathrooms. These areas of the school are very necessary for students to have decent living and schooling conditions. 3,200 children will be able to attend school thanks to the improvements made!

Contribution: 9.014€ + 2nd Phase 2021: 9.014€

Improving the Gambasse school in Guinea-Bissau
With SILO Association

Since 2018, we have continued working in our Infant Home in Gambasse, assisting children with nutritional problems together with SILO Gambasse. Guinea Bissau is one of the 10 most underdeveloped countries in the world and during this last year, 700 children have gained access to a decent education at the Gambasse school.

This year we wanted to start the project to improve the facilities of the School, which aims to educate as many children as possible. We have carried out a series of improvements: painting the buildings and classrooms, repairing the cement pavement, equipping them with cabinets, changing some of the tables, finishing the works of the two classrooms that were made of cane and renovate the children’s kitchen so that the WHO continues to make the annual food donation for the children. With all these improvements, we will be helping the 700 children who attend the School!

Contribution: 5.000€ + 2nd Phase 2021: 5.453€