ASIA 2018

New schooling classroom for children in Thailand

With Colabora Birmania

The Chicken School kindergarten, created in 2009, is a center located 4 km from the border with Burma, where there are about 20,000 children and only 9,000 of them are in school. Many of them are forced to work to contribute to the family support, or due to lack of means, families cannot cover their children’s school fees, so instead of enrolling them in school, they accompany their parents to work long hours in the field or to take care of household chores. Their illegal status leaves them vulnerable.

The center welcomes Burmese children every day and gives them the opportunity to be enrolled in a school run by the Collaborate Burma entity. Not only does it give them a good education, but it also provides them with a card with which they are registered and can be identified in case of disappearance.

Collaborate Burma finances 100% of the operating costs; school transportation, teachers’ salaries, uniforms, play materials, etc., and the Nuria García Foundation participates in the expansion with a new classroom of the Chicken School Nursery that allows 140 children to reach schooling, so that they can continue studying, and receiving a food and protection so necessary for them.

Colaboration: 5.000€