Dining at Home Scholarships
With Educo Foundation

In coordination with social entities and with the Educo Foundation, families that were already in a precarious situation were identified during the pandemic.

With the project called “Dining at Home Scholarships” we ensure that 40 children between the ages of 3 and 11 continue to receive a healthy diet despite the financial difficulties of their families and the closure of schools for 20 days.

Contribution: 2.000€

Financing scholarships municipal kindergarten canteen
With Viladecans City Council

In the final stage of the 2019-2020 school year, marked by the closure of face-to-face activity in educational centers, the students of the Kindergarten of Viladecans Municipal Schools and of the nursery and primary schools that had a dining scholarship were left without any recourse due to the pandemic. Being enrolled in a municipal school ensured a main meal for all of them, so it was essential to focus our help on providing them with a healthy diet.

The contribution that has been made with the Viladecans City Council located in Baix Llobregat, consists of access to dining scholarships for 48 children from municipal nurseries between the months of March to July 2020, while the centres were closed. The purpose is to facilitate access to these centres for families with less income, helping the children who need it most.

Contribution: 3.000€

Dining scholarships for needy children in Gavà
With City Council of Gavà

The Foundation collaborates once again with the Gavà City Council located in Baix Llobregat, to provide financial assistance for children who have been left in a state of vulnerability greater than or equal to the one they suffered from the pandemic. For this reason, up to 100% of the dining scholarships for the neediest children are complemented.

Contribution: 3.000€

Financing food and school supplies for needy families
With Marianao Foundation

With the mission of promoting the personal and community development of those people who suffer from precarious situations, we wanted to participate in a nutritional care program for children together with Marianao Foundation during the 6 months of confinement.

The project consists of the distribution of food and school supplies to approximately 25 families with children between the ages of 3 and 12, so that they can go to school and dine under the same conditions as the rest of their classmates.

Contribution: 3.000€

Donation of food and products to children
With Pan y Peces Foundation

Thanks to the excellent team of volunteers from Pan y Peces Foundation, an organization that helps more than 700 families without resources, we have been able to help 36 children for 3 months, making sure that all their food and hygiene needs are covered through the distribution of food and a donation of shower gels and hand sanitizers from Air-Val International.

This aid arrives monthly and is collected directly by each of the families, in an anonymous way, individually and above all with dignity.

Contribution: 2.000€

Providing food to the Barcelona Solidarity Commissary
With Roure Foundation

We continue to collaborate with the Solidary Food Pantry, a project carried out with Roure Foundation in its food bank located in the Old Town of Barcelona. The objective is to respond to food needs and guarantee essential food for people at risk of social exclusion.

The Solidarity Commissary project seeks to optimize resources, expand product diversification, avoid food waste and duplications that lead to inequalities, and reach more people in need. This resource allows families to choose the foods they need for healthy nutrition and thus not be passive recipients of a batch of food. The Nuria García Foundation has contributed 3,390 litres of milk for 350 children and their families.

Contribution: 2.000€

Donation of food and products to children in Madrid
With Achalay Association

This project, carried out together with Achalay Association, is focused on the monthly delivery of food and necessities for families in need with children at risk of social exclusion in the San Blas neighborhood, Madrid.

In our first distribution we have provided help to buy 200 family lots benefiting 50 families, of which 101 are children, over 3 months. Food has been distributed every 2 or 3 weeks to families that are part of Achalay’s social action and intervention, making different types of batches depending on the number of family members.

Our goal is to continue helping families whose situation has been further aggravated by the health crisis.

Contribution: 2.000€

Donation for children at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

With SILO Association – Cuidam – Generalitat Firefighters

We have made a series of donations, including the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital. We distributed personal hygiene products such as shower gels and hydroalcoholic solutions to 200 families with children who were in a state of vulnerability and whose parents suffered from a severe mental disorder. Among these families are 60 refugee families in Manresa and 140 families in Sant Vicenç dels Horts.

On the other hand, we have been part of the Cuidam project with this same hospital, a process of intervention and recovery of children who come to our country because they need specialised medical assistance and need to undergo an operation. With the help of the SILO Association and thanks to Air-Val International, we have donated perfumery sets, personal hygiene products and sanitizers to make this wait much more bearable.

The third project together with the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital took place at a party at the hospital with the collaboration of the Generalitat Firefighters disguised as clowns. A donation from Air-Val International’s shower gels and perfumes was distributed to sick children who were hospitalized. A gesture full of love and fun that managed to get a smile from all. The Foundation participated in a donation to 60 children from 0 to 18 years old!