Nutrition and training in homes for children in Tucumán, Argentina 

With Comparte Foundation and Crecer Juntos Association

250 children in 7 social childcare centers needed nutritional support, fresh food and medical follow-up. The Comparte con los Niños del Mundo Foundation, the Crecer Juntos Association and the Nuria García Foundation come together for this.

The project arises from the food and nutritional need of children in San Miguel de Tucumán, who consume a diet devoid of fruits and vegetables, which considerably affects the physical and intellectual development of children due to the insufficient contribution of nutrients (minerals, vitamins, etc), essential in child development and growth.

In addition, it includes important actions for nutritional, child and family education, aimed at the population. The school and the NGO try to reduce the negative impact of malnutrition or inadequate nutrition, but it is the families that play the main role in the correct way of feeding their own. The low availability of food is compounded by cultural factors on food consumption and preparation, as an intra-family cause of malnutrition.

Contribution: 5.000€

Nutrition and healthcare for children in Guatemala

With Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Foundation

The Foundation’s contribution makes it possible to improve the health and nutrition of 40 orphaned or abandoned children in one of the shelter homes of the Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Foundation for one year.

The project aims to improve the health and nutritional status of 40 orphaned or abandoned Guatemalan children in the home of NPH Guatemala whose condition is very vulnerable due to their young age (under 5 years) or precarious health condition, so they need nutritional supplements in their usual diet to strengthen their immune system and prevent them from contracting infectious diseases.

The main problems that the project aims to solve are:

  • Offer children under 5 years of age a special diet that allows them the correct formation of their tissues to achieve satisfactory growth.

  • Help children with chronic diseases to stay healthy in order to defend themselves against infections.

  • Increase energy and nutrient needs, such as iron, calcium, protein, vitamins, and minerals among all beneficiaries.

Contribution: 15.000€