Improving health and nutrition in the foster home in Cuzco
With Amantaní Association

The Cuzco Family Police Station, the Family Courts and the SPU (Special Protection Unit of the MIMP) continuously receive children under family vulnerability conditions due to the temporary or permanent incapacity of the family to care for them. These children need a home from a very young age that can meet their nutritional, health, emotional, material and educational needs in the most familiar environment possible. Therefore, the entities turn directly to the Amantaní Association shelter so that they receive the best possible care.

Since 2019, we have collaborated with them in favour of children’s rights in their foster home in the city of Cuzco, Peru. We want to continue helping minors at social risk or parental vulnerability and, above all, raising awareness about the precarious situation of children in this country. Our purpose is to enable the detection and prevention of diseases, as well as the nutritional care and well-being of 60 babies, children and adolescents in the home in Cuzco. Children who come from an unstable family environment need more love, attention and affection than those who have been fortunate to be born in a normalized and stable family environment.

Ayuda: 3.144€ + 2ª fase 2021: 9.432€