SPAIN 2014

Food grants

With Council and Social Services of Castelldefels

The President of the Foundation, Mr. Francisco García, and the Mayor of Castelldefels, Mr. Manuel Reyes, have signed a collaboration agreement this Monday, May 12th. The Nuria García Foundation is committed to co-financing the dining scholarships for 16 children from Castelldefels, whose families are in a precarious economic situation.

The City Council and the Foundation want to guarantee access to a balanced diet for children who are in a situation of economic precariousness and social vulnerability.

“The economic donation that the Núria Garcia Foundation will allocate to individual aid for school canteen for children in the municipality of Castelldefels will allow 11 infants to enjoy free school canteen during the third quarter of the academic year 2013 – 2014. From these social services according to the knowledge of the socio-familial situations, and the established socioeconomic standards, the children who will benefit from the subsidy have been proposed, complementing the work plan and the social and economic support that the families receive from these Primary Care Social Services of Castelldefels City Council.” Eva Mirete Gallac, social educator.

Contribution: 4.000€

Donation for the purchase of children food

With Caritas Castelldefels

The Foundation finances the purchase of food for children, which Caritas will include in the food lots for 114 families with children between the ages of 2 and 12 at risk of exclusion.

Caritas and the Foundation are working together to provide children with nutritious food, as more and more minors suffer from poor nutrition due to their families’ precarious situation.

“114 families in our city with children between the ages of 2 and 12 are helped with 2 batches per month. The lots contain basic foods (rice, pasta, oil, milk, etc.) from donations in kind and that when it is not enough we have to buy (especially milk), fresh products that we buy weekly (chicken and eggs) and also surplus of fruits and vegetables and other varied foods from donations from supermarkets and companies…. We would like to be able to fill the batches for families with children with baby foods more regularly, as they are very nutritious, and like all people of good will, it pains us to hear that there are more and more children with poor nutrition problems due to precarious situation suffered by his family. The truth is that when we give this type of food, people appreciate it very much.” Monste Miguel, Director Caritas Castelldefels.

Contribution: 3.600€

Participation in the building of the day care center at

the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu  

The Hospital San Joan de Déu needs a new day hospital to be able to treat a greater number of sick children in optimal conditions, with better equipment and with care and play spaces for the little ones.

Contribution: 15.000€